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The Rev-Mod Platform

Our proprietary Rev-Mod Platform uses a modular plug-and-play system to streamline and accelerate the efficient drug discovery and development of multispecific biologics across a broad range of diseases.

The Multi-Mod

This customizable multispecific biologic is built from highly compatible modular subunits to provide innovative solutions to complex diseases.1

The True Human

It's also enabled by a naturally occurring, fully human, universal light chain that supports the integration of diverse binding domains.1

The Rev-Mod Platform can be used to rapidly and
effectively create multispecific biologics.

Bi-Mod Biologics

Can be used to target 2 distinct
disease pathways.

Tri-Mod Biologics

Can be used to target 3 distinct disease pathways. Our first-in-class candidate,
RO-104, is a Tri-Mod biologic designed to treat retinal vascular disease.

Tetra-Mod Biologics and Beyond

Can be used to singularly target 4+ distinct disease pathways.

Our proprietary platform boasts a vast library of nearly 30 billion fully human antibody components in a structured phage display system, facilitating rapid identification and assembly of multispecific product candidates. With seamless compatibility, the Rev-Mod platform enables swift and efficient design of multispecific biologics to address unmet needs in major therapeutic areas including ophthalmology, oncology, and immune-mediated diseases.1


Benefits of the Rev-Mod Platform1

One molecule, multiple targets:

  • Native, non-engineered biologics
  • Elegant modular solutions
  • Targets multiple disease pathways

Fully human:

  • Fully human antibody sequences and architecture
  • Maximizing efficacy and drug-like properties
  • Well tolerated by the human body

Derived from nature:

  • Light chain based on the surrogate light chain
  • Naturally occurring precursor formed in all humans
  • Universal natural partner for all human heavy chain binding domains

Rapid discovery and development:

  • Platform supports efficient screening
  • Customizable plug-and-play design of molecules
  • Optimal solutions to complex diseases

How can the Rev-Mod Platform be leveraged
to treat other diseases?

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Reference: 1. Xu L, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2008;105(31):10756-10761.